• Gessler Primus PG5D
  • Gessler LED-Spot SG5D
  • Gessler Primus PG5E
  • Gessler LED-Spot LG6D
  • Gessler LED-Spot LG6E
  • Gessler LED-Spot LF6
  • Gessler LED-Spot LG5D
  • Gessler LED-Spot LG5E

Lens luminaires - Modular structure

LED-Spot PG5 - LED-Spot LG5 - LED-Spot SG5
LED-Spot LG6 - LED-Spot LF6

All luminaire housings in this series have been designed to be compatible with the Light Engine and the desired lens. A combination of 8 luminaire housings of different mounting types, protection types and designs together with a variety of 7 high performance lenses result in 56 module variations.

Each luminaire design can be fitted with any lens to meet the exact features and requirements you require.

Lens luminaires - Modular structure
System luminaire:
Rechargeable battery luminaire:
Viewing distance:
Enclosure material: Sheet steel/Polycarbonate
Enclosure colour/surface: RAL 9016 (weiß)
Light source : LED
Degree of protection: IP67 - IP41 - IP40 - IP20
Class: I/II
Mounting types: Ceiling, recessed ceiling, wall bracket, pendant mounting
Order Number: