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Leed certified exit sign and emergency luminaires

The topic of climate protection has long since shifted to the top of society’s agenda. Climate change is possibly the greatest challenge of our time. Closely linked to this is the need to handle our resources more efficiently. This circumstance has brought about a particularly future-orientated area of the construction industry – ecological building.

For the clients and designers of a building, this voluntary stewardship task is a new challenge. Guidelines and measures are required, which make the sustainability of these “green” buildings measurable. To this end, the U.S. Green Building Council has developed an independent certification programme called “LEED”.

U.S. Green Building Council – USGBC
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a not-for-profit organisation founded by leading representatives of the construction industry, has set itself the goal of promoting the construction of environmentally-compatible, profitable and user-friendly buildings.

To further develop the methods of “green building”, the USGBC started the “LEED certification”.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – LEED

LEED is an independent certification programme, which is recognised internationally as a reference for the planning, design, construction and running of high-quality “green” buildings. Within the scope of the LEED requirements system, points are accumulated, which enable subsequent classification of a building’s degree of sustainability achieved.

Deutsche Bank – Greentowers project
The Greentowers of the Deutsche Bankare a trailblazer of ecological building. With one of the largest building modernisation projects in Europe, Deutsche Bank wants to make an active contribution to climate protection as part of its voluntary commitment to sustainability. The planning basis is the LEED guidelines of the USGBC.

The energy-optimised and LEED certified emergency lighting made by Gessler is part of the integrated concept. The USGBC awarded the Gessler exit sign and safety luminaires the gold award.